The Story Cure

Online Course for Discovering The Unique Communicator Within
June 22, 2024 – December 21, 2024

What calls you in life? What feeds your enthusiasm? 

Where do you feel you belong?

When was the last time you felt fully alive?

Which story wants to blossom through you?

In the technologically advanced and fast speed world we live in it is challenging to connect to our calling and belonging, as well as to our vitality and creativity.

Story Cure is a 6 months long commitment to open space and time so we practice these connections as an embodied experience by discovering our unique communicator within.  

The Story Cure course starts by listening deeply to the stories of ancient voices (myths, tales, dreams and stories of other earthly beings). It continues by engaging playfully with the elemental life forces (fire, water, earth and air). It ends by creatively expressing personal narratives which blossom in an animate world.

During the six months, you will open up your perception to the animistic reality of life where everything is alive and connected.

You will establish a dynamic relationship with the four elementals of our planet known as fire, water, earth and air.

You will embrace your inner communicator who expresses themselves uniquely and creatively, who has a holistic body awareness and who knows how to connect to their joy and vitality

Fire makes


Water enables


Earth is


Air gifts


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What to Expect
  • Enriching content: You will join 13 Live sessions (each 3 hours long) facilitated by Dr. Senem Donatan Mohan. Within 6 months we will cover the content given at the end of this page. Each session will be based on experiential and interactive learning.
  • Supporting resources: You will have access to a membership area where all materials will be available throughout the whole course. After each session, a list of resources and tools complementary to the covered content will be uploaded to the membership area. The recording of each live session will also be available in the membership area in case you cannot attend on the day. 
  • Guided practice: After each session you will receive a vibercise (a guided practice which intends to increase the vibration of your life energy).
  • Bonus sessions & Surprises: There will be two one-to-one coaching sessions; each for 15 minutes and one bonus storytelling session for one hour. The content and the time for these sessions will be determined with the group according to their specific needs. There will also be some other surprises along the way.
  • A sense of community: If you wish, you will be able to join our closed whatsapp group where we cultivate frequent interaction with the Story Cure course participants.

Content & Timetable

  • Week 1: Introduction & Deep Listening
    (22nd & 23rd of June 2024)

    Introduction to the Animate World of Stories

    Getting to know the ‘More-than-Human’ Archetypes

    Cultivating Deep Listening Skills


  • Week 2: Fire Element / Creative Expression
    (6th & 7th of July 2024)

    Entering into the world of Myths

    Connecting to the ‘Animate Everything’

    Enhancing your imagination and visualisation skills

    Learning how to spark and nourish your unique creative expression



  • Week 3: Water Element / Soul's Calling
    (20th & 21st of July 2024)

    Diving into the world of Folktales & Fairytales

    Getting to know the Symbolic Language of Nocturnal Dreams

    Learning how to listen and connect to your Soul’s Calling

    Enhancing your uttering skills as a way of communicating to your soul


  • Week 4: Earth Element / Belonging
    (31st of August & 1st of September 2024)

    Deep Listening to the Planet Earth stories (stories from other life forms on Earth such as fungi, plants, animals and microorganisms)

    Honoring the natural cycles of life

    Learning how to playfully embrace your earthly being

    Enhancing your sensuality as a way of communicating to other life forms


  • Week 5: Air Element / Vitality
    (14th & 15th of September 2024)

    Raising Awareness about the Inner Narratives of your mind 

    Learning how to discern between dull and vibrant narratives

    Connecting to your vitality and joy 

    Cultivating your authentic telling skills


  • Week 6: Story Crafting
    (19th & 20th of October 2024)

    Getting to know the basics about the Art of Oral Storytelling

    Learning the 3-part Story Structure

    Exploring how to craft a personal story from a memory bubble

    Telling your personal story in an engaging way

  • Week 7: Story Sharing & Celebration
    (21st of December 2024)

    Sharing of the personal stories which have been crafted during the course

    Celebration of our togetherness and our transformation

    Evaluation of the program

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Register now with the early bird price. The price is valid until 31 May 2024.