The Story Cure

10 week Online Course for a healthier, balanced and vibrant life
February 28, 2023 – May 2, 2023

Do you often feel tired, drained of energy, burn out or anxious, worried and concerned? 

Do you blame yourself for not being worthy enough, not being successful, eligible or creative enough?

Do you have physical health challenges? 

Do you long for a healthier, balanced and vibrant life?

How about if you would have more joy, fun, harmony and connection in your life?

If your answer is yes, welcome to the Story Cure

The Story Cure is a path for holistic health. It is a joyful healing and learning journey. Through the guidance of four essential elements you will connect to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of yourself and you will cultivate creativity, flow, resilience and harmony in your lives. You will also explore your authentic voice and your innate vibrancy.

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What to Expect
  • Enriching content: You will join 10 Live sessions (each 2 hours long) facilitated by Dr. Senem Donatan Mohan. Within 10 weeks starting from 28th of February, each Tuesday between 7-9 pm (GMT) / 8-10 pm (CET) / 2-4 pm (ET), we will cover the content given at the end of this page. Each session will be based on experiential and interactive learning.
  • Supporting resources: You will have access to a membership area where all materials will be available throughout the whole course. Each week, a list of resources and tools complementary to the covered content will be uploaded to the membership area. The recording of each Thursday session will also be available in the membership area in case you cannot attend on the day. 
  • Guided practice: This part is one of the gems of this program. Each week you will receive 3 new vibercises (exercises which intend to increase the vibration of your life energy) The theme of these vibercises will be aligned with covered weekly content. Each week;
    • You will receive one Joy Booster – Whenever you feel down during your daily routine, this practice will boost your joy levels within a couple of minutes.
    • You will receive one Dreamy Fun – This vibercise intends to strengthen the connection between your conscious and unconscious minds. You could do it before sleeping or after waking – preferable when you are still in bed.   
    • You will receive one Magic Craft – In this vibercise you will imitate some behaviours of heroines or heroes featured in the traditional tales. Heroines or heroes have to develop some skills to overcome challenges during their quest. The crafts they develop help them to enable magical deeds because these skills mature their soul. When the soul matures, anything which seemed impossible becomes possible. By doing this practice, you will gain magic craft and grow your being.
  • Bonus sessions & Surprises: There will be 2 bonus sessions within 10 weeks; each for one hour. The content and the time for these sessions will be determined with the group according to their specific needs and also some other surprises along the way.
  • A sense of community: If you wish, you will be able to join our closed whatsapp group where we cultivate frequent interaction with the Story Cure course participants.

Content & Timetable

First getting to know each other with a fun activity and then exploring these questions:

How does life energy circulate in the universe and within ourselves?

How did ancient people perceive the world and how do we perceive it now?

How can we enhance our life energy using Symbols and Sacred Geometry?

How can we benefit from the ancient wisdom of Medicine Wheel – A holistic healing system based on four elements- to balance our health?

How to enhance your imagination and visualisation skills

How to spark your unique creativity

How to connect to Natural Intelligence -Universal network of collective information- and strengthen your sense of belonging

How to harness energy from the Void – Universal energy space beyond our senses- in order to let your brilliance shine

How to sustain a balanced relationship with the spiritual aspect of yourself

How to listen to your soul’s voice

How to connect with your inner selves; your archetypal energies

How to discharge blocked emotions from your memories

How to dance between your emotional polarities

How to harness energy from your dreams in order to heal your emotional wounds

How to sustain a balanced state of emotional flow

How to be in tune with natural cycles of life

How to be playful in your daily routine by turning tasks into games

How to harness energy from colours and sounds in order to gain resilience

How to move and act with least energy in order to obtain maximum efficiency

How to sustain a resilient and healthy state in your physical body

How to regulate your thinking process

How to unite polarised energies in your mind

How to track your unhelpful inner narratives and transmute them

How to cultivate your authentic telling skills

How to harness energy from your words in order to create harmony in the world

How to sustain a harmonious state in your mind

Celebration of our togetherness and our transformation

Evaluation of the program by sharing stories about learned lessons, fresh insights, unexpected experiences and life-changing challenges

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Register now with the early bird price. The price is valid until 10 October 2022.