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The Story Cure


A Journey for Discovering The Unique Communicator Within

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in
seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.”
Marcel Proust

This six months long online course is an invitation to see yourself and the world around you with new eyes. In this journey, stories will be your guides.

Stories of other life forms on Earth such as fungi, plants, animals and microorganisms will cultivate your belonging to the Earth; encouraging you to embrace your earthly being. Tales and dreams will let you swim in the waters of the collective psyche; supporting you to explore your soul’s calling. Myths will remind you that you are part of something bigger; connecting you to your creative vision and expression. Inner narratives of your mind will show you how to discern between dull and vibrant; connecting you to your vitality. 

call to beauty_faye-cornish-Uq3gTiPlqRo-unsplash
call to beauty_faye-cornish-Uq3gTiPlqRo-unsplash

Ode to Beauty


A weekend long in person event for unleashing the beauty within

‘’Beauty is a profound illumination of presence,
a stirring of the invisible in visible form.’’
John O’Donohue

In this weekend long event we will gather in a women’s circle at the stunning landscape of Glendalough, Ireland. You will learn how to immerse yourself in beauty which will unleash your own resources of joy, delight and healing. You will develop a new relationship with your senses and your emotions, and explore new horizons beyond your daily perceptions.

The workshop language is Turkish and only women can join. 


business consulting_resized
business consulting_resized

Business Consulting

Team facilitation or team coaching for next generation businesses

“How successful you are in the world depends on
how friction-free your mechanism is.”

Our business consulting approach aims to resource your business with fresh perspectives, trailblazing ideas and creative solutions.


Individual Coaching

One-to-one online coaching for expressing narrative intelligence

“You either walk inside your story and own it or you stand
outside your story and hustle for your worthiness.”
Brene Brown

In 6 one-to-one online coaching sessions, each of 90 minutes duration, you will outgrow your limiting narratives and explore your inner treasures for authentic communication.