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Elemental Leadership: Connecting to Aliveness and Vibrancy of Life

Disconnection became a contagious disease in the current world we live in. If disconnection once grips into your system, it spreads out fast and it might invade you. Without being noticed, you unconsciously disconnect from your body, your soul, your mind, your loved ones, your colleagues, from all human and non-human beings you share life with, from the cycles of the day, month or year, from the pain and the pleasures you feel. The list can go on.

In psychology, the word dissociation is used when the nervous system disconnects from something that it can’t cope on within the current circumstances. Disassociation is a helpful survival strategy of the animal’s nervous system to deal with the threads which makes one fearful. However, it is helpful for the short term. In the long term, dissociation – in other words disconnection – becomes lethargic because all life is build on connecting and relating to each other.

I am an advocate of aliveness and vibrancy. While designing the Elemental Leadership concept, I wished that leaders open space and time to themselves to remember the importance of connection in life. I wished that this retreat would allow them to connect to the elementals of life and to lead from that core they touched upon.

Thanks to Paul Gleeson from the Below the Line team, Elemental Leadership concept has surpassed my dreams. The scene Paul has set last May in Kinsale and the passion and creativity he brought to the work enabled Elemental Leadership concept to blossom. Thanks to the openness and honesty of our participants, a magical atmosphere emerged where connection was the true essence.

From my own experience, I know how important that is to have (and also be) a leader which is fully alive and vibrant. Leaders reflect their own qualities to their teams and to their organisations. Imagine you being a leader who feels fully alive and vibrant, who is connected to life on many levels. How inspirational and game changing would life be for the people around you.

Elemental Leadership aims to challenge and support leaders while they unleash levels of connection to themselves, to their work and to life. If you want to up your game in leadership, Elemental Leadership has a lot to offer you. Our next retreat is between 4th and 6th of October 2023 in Kinsale, Ireland. You can check out the details here. If you would like to feel the vibe of an Elemental Leadership Experience, here is a short video from our previous retreat.

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