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Milestones that paved the path to the Story Cure

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the globe and menaced our health and well-being big time, in the beginning I found it uncomfortably challenging to move out of my seemingly flowing, and familiar life. All of a sudden, things I do for a living such as travelling, performing on stage, and facilitating workshops became a life threat. Travel plan cancellations and lack of business arrangements became small matters beside my constant anxiety about getting sick and dying. Facing my own mortality, I asked myself:

What are my essentials?

What do I prioritise in my life? 

I realised health and relationships were my essentials. I promised myself to prioritise my health above all. Not only my physical health, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of my being. For example, connecting with my dear ones via video and phone calls became an important part of my emotional and mental health. 

During the first lock-down, I was playing with the idea of bringing the wisdom of the four elements (fire, water, earth, air) in my storytelling teachings. Throughout the long contemplation hours –which was a gift of the pandemic- the book Divine Beauty by John O’Donohue accompanied me. I had borrowed that book from DLR Lexicon Library in Dublin two days before the lock-down. Due to pandemic regulations the book stayed with me for a couple of months so I savoured reading it again and again. Thanks to Divine Beauty, I got connected with the muses. I filled up several notebooks with new ideas and fresh information about how the wisdom of four elements and the wisdom of stories contribute to our health and well-being.

Mature love

Summer arrived, the restrictions eased a bit. However, the fear became more visible and it dominated the whole world with increasing death statistics. At that time, my companion was the book The Wisdom of No Escape by Pema Chödron. The phrase ‘’mature love’’ glimpsed at me from the book page. The love we spread despite the pain and suffering within and around us. I intuitively awakened to the fact that the world needed more mature love than ever. I intended to open and mature my heart. From that moment on, each day, in my imagination I connected to the universal source of life. I visualised every part of the globe filled by the milky-white loving, and healing energies coming from the universe. With this practice, I aimed to increase the vibration of love energies in the midst of a pandemic.

As I continued my daily efforts for mature love, I became more and more in touch with universal energies. In time, I heard whispers in English, which seemed peculiar to me, considering my mother tongue was Turkish. You might think me mad but I knew those whispers came from the muses of the unified quantum field who wished to communicate with me. Since then, I have heard others relate a similar inner knowing.

The whispers became stronger, especially whenever I read about the four elements, searching for connections between their healing power and storytelling. I became convinced that this content needed to be shared with more people to augment holistic health and wellbeing in the world. I warmed to the idea of writing a book. My inner critic countered: “Who are you? How would you be able to write a book in English?” Considering my lack of experience, I found that voice sensible and postponed writing the book to an uncertain future. 

A gift from my mother

One finds a common motif repeated in traditional stories from different cultures. When the hero(ine) makes a wish, it is said, “Be careful what you wish for, because it can come true in very unexpected ways.’’ That happened to me, too. Five months after I asked the universe to open and mature my heart, my mother got sick from Covid-19. Isolated from her dear ones in an ICU, she closed her eyes to our physical reality. She took her broad smile with herself and left us heartbroken.  

I thought my heart would never heal and open again. I sat in my pain and continued to meditate daily to increase the vibration of love energies in the world. Although my heart ached deeply, I tried to keep it open as much as I could. I did not force myself, I just allowed myself to feel the love from the divine source while at the same time feeling the pain for my mother’s death. 

As I grieved, visions and whispers of ideas related to the book content continued to come to my mind. I ignored them. Then, I encountered a quote from Rainer Maria Rilke, ‘’Love and death are the greatest gifts given to us, but mostly they are passed on unopened.’’ Could this be a sign from the universe? Maybe my mother’s death could be a gift to all of us. I decided not to postpone writing this book because tomorrow is promised to no one. I thought, I better share what I have in my chest with you while I am still alive.

Life continued flowing with its unexpected twists and turns. I was certain that the book content which I in time called The Story Cure will bring fresh insights and inspiration to our connection with our health and well-being. Although I already had many notebooks full of ideas and knowledge to pour into the content, I struggled to structure them in an easy readable written format.  

In March 2022, I signed up for the Bring Your Book To Life program led by Lisa Tener. During the course, a call grew in me. A call for connecting and interacting with people verbally who might be interested in experiencing The Story Cure content. Out of this call of connection and interaction, the 10 week long online program emerged. 

An invitation within

The Story Cure 10 week online course is an invitation to the ones who wants to embrace their own wisdom and power over their health and well-being rather than giving it away to other authorities without questioning. 

The first Story Cure journey will start on 3rd of November 2022. Each Thursday we will meet in an online session for 2 hours. In this joyful healing and learning journey, the four elements (fire, water, earth, air) and stories will be our compass. We will explore the powerful connection between our communication skills and our health. We will find our authentic ways of balancing our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. For more information you might like to check out this link.

The two books I mentioned in the beginning were the two milestones which changed the direction of my life. Which books changed your life? Please share your comments below.

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