The Fertile Crescent

A few years back, one night I had a dream. When I woke up, my body was shaky, my breath was out of rhythm. I felt horrified. When the effects of my horror had eased, I became curious. I asked myself ‘’What would my dream want to reveal?’’ What could the message of my dream […]

A Science-Story Journey

When I was a little girl, I was curious like most children. Whenever I came across something I didn’t understand, I would ask ‘’Why?’’ or ‘’How?’’. I grew up, became a scientist, and while I was experimenting in the laboratory, I continued to ask ‘’Why?’’ or ‘’How?’’. Then I became a storyteller. While I was […]

The Mediterranean Feast

In this culinary storytelling experience, I collaborate with an excellent chef Saide Esbah. Saide is a Turkish cook living in Ireland. You could check her website and taste her delicious specialities.  In the Mediterranean Feast, Saide will introduce Mediterranean delicacies to you. Whilst enjoying your food, you also will savour the stories from the Mediterranean region. […]