The Fertile Crescent

Tales from the Middle East
An hour long event for adults

A few years back, one night I had a dream. When I woke up, my body was shaky, my breath was out of rhythm. I felt horrified. When the effects of my horror had eased, I became curious. I asked myself ‘’What would my dream want to reveal?’’ What could the message of my dream be?’’ These questions led me to a journey where my road crossed with the Sumerian love goddess Inanna. Guided by Inanna’s wisdom, I explored my feminine ways of being. Along the way, my wounded creativity was healed. I got aligned with my soul’s calling and embraced my inner joy. 

In the hour-long show, I tell the story of my healing journey as a modern Middle Eastern woman by weaving it with the ancient Middle Eastern epic of King Gilgamesh.

This one-person storytelling performance is suitable for people above the age of 14. The stories are told in English. Ethnic songs are sung in Turkish and in ancient languages from Mesopotamia.

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