The Mediterranean Feast

An evening long event for families

In this culinary storytelling experience, I collaborate with an excellent chef Saide Esbah. Saide is a Turkish cook living in Ireland. You could check her website and taste her delicious specialities. 

In the Mediterranean Feast, Saide will introduce Mediterranean delicacies to you. Whilst enjoying your food, you also will savour the stories from the Mediterranean region. There is an old Irish saying 

‘’Laughter is the brightest, 

where food is best and a good story is told.’’ 

In this event, our aim is to reveal the truth in this proverb. 

What to Expect

  • The cheer of the stories will be intertwined with the flavour of the food, and you will savour the moment.
  • Whilst the smell, the texture and the taste of the delicious food will nourish your body, the stories you listen to will nourish your soul. 
  • You might learn the origin stories of the food you taste.

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