An hour long event for adults

“Joy is more powerful than courage.
Joy can embrace courage.
Where there is joy, there is no fear.”

Prof. Harald Braem, Author

This is a story about a woman who once felt herself out of balance in the success-oriented masculine world. She then went on a personal journey as she explored her feminine ways and nourished her barren land with the fertile juice of her own creativity and her inner joy.

45 minutes long event for children

“We especially need imagination in science,
it is not all mathematics, nor all logic,
But it is somewhat beauty and poetry.”

Maria Mitchell, Astronomer

This storytelling performance is designed for children between 6-12 years of age. The story content is suitable both for science curriculum at primary schools and for library activities. This event offers a fun way of learning science and encourages children to ask creative questions about scientific problems.

An evening long event for families

“Laughter is the brightest,
where food is best and a good story is told.”

Irish Proverb

Food and story are two key phenomena in life which bring us together and provide delight in our lives. In this event, you will have both. The cheer of the stories will be intertwined with the flavour of the food, and you will savour the moment.