DALL·E 2024-03-25 16.09.13 - a woman body in the shape of a tree trunk, her hair full of flowers her roots going down in nature
DALL·E 2024-03-25 16.09.13 - a woman body in the shape of a tree trunk, her hair full of flowers her roots going down in nature

Whispers from the Earth: Unravelling Micro Gossip Stories

As humans, we are living organisms but in our contemporary lives we behave as if we are made of iron. We live in concrete, mostly non-breathing buildings, we use technologically advanced fancy gadgets which are constantly producing harmful radiation, and we are eating plastic-rich, genetically modified food.

Consequently, our body cells have to cope with an enormous amount of misalignment, disharmony and lack of natural energy flow. I wonder, do our body cells ever complain and talk behind our back? 

#Microgossipstories: Listening to our body cells

Recently I started to publish a series of fictional stories in my social media platforms called #microgossipstories. I invite you to listen to the humorous intelligence of the micro world living inside us. 

The micro world inside us struggle to cope on with the increasing amount of non-natural interactions happening in our bodies. Lately, there is an incomprehensible increase in the numbers and types of diseases, we humans suffer from. 

If they talk, and we listen, we might change some of our habits, so they might not feel obliged to manifest their complaints in the form of diseases.

If they talk and we keep listening, we might form a loving and caring relationship with them instead of ignoring or abusing them. We might reduce the tremendous amount of misalignment, disharmony and consequently diseases.

Images: Ruler of Our Collective Unconscious

Images are very powerful communicators because they penetrate into our unconscious realm. If we happened to believe in one story, the images of those story become our unconscious reality. 

In the past, when humans were hunter-gatherers before they became farmers, they assumed that Earth was a living organism who had natural intelligence. They believed that mountains, rivers, trees, animals, plants, and also parts of our bodies had spirits who would communicate with humans.

When Isaac Newton described gravity in 1687, he came up with a different story. He made all his calculations based on the assumption that our planet Earth is a big bio-machine; a plain matter with which you could do whatever you wish. 

In time, Newton’s mechanistic view conquered the medical world, so human bodies made of Earth’s material considered to be bio-machines, too.

Which body image do you have in your mind?

You might agree with Newton and act as if your body is made of metal like a machine; compartmentalised and needs to be fixed with medical interventions. Or you might choose to see the human body as a living organism.

If your body image is a living entity, then you might recognise its flexibility, its interconnectivity, its resilience, its self healing capacity and its adaptation to changing conditions. You also recognise its vulnerability, its complexity and its limitations.

At the end of the day, the body images you carry in your unconsciousness define your relationship with your body. I hope #microgossipstories could bring some whispers into your ears, so you would notice the living intelligence of your body cells and understand their struggles in contemporary times.



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